Sunset Safari A


Introducing SunSet Safari A: This pack contains 4 single seeds and 4 amazing strains: Colorado Cookies, Mimosa Punch, Blue Mazar and Think Different.



SunSet Safari A: Your Gateway to Top Auto Seeds

Welcome to our SunSet Safari A seed pack – a meticulously curated selection of 4 single seeds, each representing a unique and exceptional strain from Dutch Passion. With our SunSet Safari A collection, you’re in for an exciting adventure that leads you to explore the world of autoflowering cannabis in all its glory.

Strains Included:

  1. Colorado Cookies: Experience the Rocky Mountain High! Delve into the scenic landscapes of Colorado with Colorado Cookies. This indica-dominant strain is the perfect companion for relaxation. It boasts a delectable mix of sweet and earthy flavors that complement its tranquilizing effects. With its fast growth and high yields, Colorado Cookies is an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced growers.
  2. Mimosa Punch: Energize Your Senses! Unleash the power of Mimosa Punch, a sativa-dominant strain that will elevate your spirits. Its citrusy and tropical flavors bring a burst of energy, making it a delightful daytime choice. The plant’s compact size and quick flowering time make it an excellent candidate for stealthy cultivation.
  3. Blue Mazar: A Voyage to the Mystical Blue Mountains! Blue Mazar offers an intriguing combination of Blueberry and Afghan genetics, resulting in a robust indica strain. Its striking blue hues and sweet berry flavors make it a visual and sensory delight. Growers will appreciate its resilience and generous yields, making it an excellent choice for commercial cultivation.
  4. Think Different: Embrace Your Creativity! Think Different lives up to its name by delivering a unique and invigorating experience. As an autoflowering version of the classic AK-47, this sativa-dominant strain offers cerebral stimulation and a burst of creativity. Expect a fast-growing, resilient plant that rewards you with high-quality buds.

Why Choose SunSet Safari A? Our SunSet Safari A seed pack is the ultimate gateway to the world of Dutch Passion autoflowering strains. Here’s why you should consider adding it to your collection:

  • Variety: With four distinct strains in one pack, you’ll have a diverse range of flavors, effects, and growing experiences.
  • Quality Assurance: Dutch Passion is renowned for its high-quality genetics and rigorous breeding standards. Each seed is handpicked to ensure you get the best possible start.
  • Easy Growing: These autoflowering strains are designed for simplicity, making them an excellent choice for beginners and experienced growers alike.
  • Yield Potential: Whether you’re looking for small, stealthy plants or high-yielding giants, the SunSet Safari A pack has it all, catering to different cultivation preferences.

Conclusion: Don’t miss your chance to embark on a SunSet Safari A adventure, where you’ll explore the beauty and versatility of Dutch Passion’s autoflowering strains. This pack is perfect for those who seek variety, quality, and an easy-growing experience. Elevate your cannabis cultivation journey with SunSet Safari A, and let these exceptional strains lead the way. Order your pack today and start your autoflowering cannabis adventure now!