Sunrise Safari B


Introducing SunRise Safari B: This pack contains 3 single seeds of three exquisite strains: Trichome & Cream, Glueberry OG, and Think Big.



Introducing SunRise Safari B: Your Perfect Morning Companion

Welcome to the world of SunRise Safari B, the ultimate morning seed pack that promises to transform your day right from the very start. With a carefully curated selection of Dutch Passion Auto Seeds, this pack contains 3 single seeds of three exquisite strains: Trichome & Cream, Glueberry OG, and Think Big. Each of these seeds has been handpicked to provide you with a diverse and delightful morning cannabis experience.

  1. Trichome & Cream: Unleash the day with the enchanting Trichome & Cream. As the name suggests, this strain is known for its rich, creamy trichome-covered buds, making it an irresistible choice for cannabis connoisseurs. The sweet and velvety flavor of Trichome & Cream is bound to set a positive tone for your day, promoting relaxation and mood enhancement. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for creative endeavors or simply looking to kickstart your day with a sense of tranquility, this strain is your answer.
  2. Glueberry OG: As the sun rises, let the Glueberry OG take you on a memorable journey. This unique hybrid combines the legendary Gorilla Glue with the luscious Blueberry strains, resulting in a blend of tantalizing flavors and a powerful, uplifting high. The robust effects of Glueberry OG will motivate and energize you, offering the perfect balance between focus and relaxation. Say goodbye to morning grogginess and say hello to a productive day with Glueberry OG by your side.
  3. Think Big: For those mornings when you have ambitious goals in mind, Think Big is the strain that will fuel your dreams. Think Big is known for its invigorating and cerebral effects, ideal for enhancing creativity and problem-solving. This sativa-dominant powerhouse will provide the mental clarity and energy you need to conquer your to-do list with enthusiasm. Be prepared to think big, aim high, and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

SunRise Safari B is your passport to a diverse and uplifting cannabis experience, carefully selected to kick off your day with a bang. With these three exceptional strains, you’ll have the freedom to choose your mood and embark on your morning adventure, whether it’s a peaceful retreat into creativity, a burst of energy and motivation, or a serene start to your day.

Elevate your mornings with SunRise Safari B and experience the best that Dutch Passion Auto Seeds have to offer. Whether you’re an experienced grower or just starting your cannabis journey, this pack has everything you need to make every morning a memorable and productive one. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your mornings – order your SunRise Safari B seed pack today and savor the flavors and effects that these exceptional strains have to offer.