Auto Flower Kraft Blend


Jon Dabs approach of “less is MORE ” is the motivation behind our Kraft Blends.

Our Kraft Blends are not over loaded with nutrients which we believe being “Casually Serious” is the better approach to growing our lovely ladies. Rich nutrient soils tend to cause a few problems in seedlings including, nutrient lockout or a poor Cation-exchange capacity which leads to stunted growth, yellowing of leaves and poor yields amongst other issues.

All Cannabis strains generally have different individual feeding requirements based on many factors, with this being said all plants should be monitored during the Vegetative and Flowering stages and fed accordingly

Autos enter the Vegetative stage typically in the 2nd/3rd week of Seedling stage.
Nitrogen and Potassium are recommended at this stage.
Pre-Flowering stage is typically around the 3rd/4th week of the seedlings cycle.
Phosphorus is recommended at this stage for larger denser flowers