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Why should I buy Auto Desfrán feminised seeds?

• Auto Desfrán is a THC-rich Sativa-dominant autoflower with a complex terpene profile and a unique clear up-high. The effect is very energising and uplifting

• It is a robust and tough autoflower that thrives in a wide variety of conditions. She can be grown both indoors and outdoors (and in greenhouses), and she is also suitable for guerrilla growing

• Auto Desfrán is the ideal strain for true Sativa enthusiasts who appreciate the unique effect of a pure Sativa, but are looking for an easy plant to grow

• These cannabis seeds take an average of 12-15 weeks to fully mature from seed to harvest. The autoflower variety has a compact hybrid structure and a favourable flower-to-leaf ratio

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Auto Desfrán has a sour and fruity tropical Skunk aroma and a sweet, earthy and spicy taste, a unique terpene profile to enjoy!

Auto Desfrán® is a Sativa-dominant autoflower strain with beautiful compact buds and an abundance of white trichomes. The strain usually has a sweet and sour tropical skunk aroma with notes of lemon, apple and pear.

Some phenotypes have spicy notes of cloves and aniseed. The scent is very complex and can best be described as a very layered terpene profile. Her buds don’t smell like a standard cannabis strain. She’s quite pungent, especially when you smoke her in a joint or vape. The taste of Auto Desfrán is mainly fruity, sweet and earthy.

The earthy skunky character is often just a bit stronger in the taste than in the smell. Sometimes spicy notes can also be discovered. All in all, a very special autoflowering strain with a distinct smell and taste that will amaze you!

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