Blue Auto Mazar®


Why should I buy Blue Auto Mazar feminised cannabis seeds?

  • Blue Auto Mazar is a robust and stable autoflower, this strain thrives in a wide variety of conditions
  • This Indica-dominant autoflower has a fast flowering time and is ready in about 10-11 weeks from seed to harvest
  • Blue Auto Mazar grows compact buds with a thick sticky layer of resin. The white buds are loaded with trichomes and have a high THC content
  • It is an autoflower strain with a pungent terpene profile and a full-bodied aroma and taste. The high is powerful and very relaxing


Blue Auto Mazar has a pungent fruity aroma of blueberries mixed with earthy kush notes, the taste is sour, sweet, fruity and hashish

Blue Auto Mazar is a unique and well balanced hybrid variety, based on our original Blueberry and Mazar genetics. To create Blue Auto Mazar, the autoflowering versions of these two legendary photoperiod strains have come together in this flavoursome hybrid. The frosty buds smell like a mix of both the original Mazar and Blueberry. A full aroma of earth and blueberries is dominant, with subtle notes of spice and pine.

In general, most phenotypes have a sweet, fruity scent accompanied by an earthy ‘kushy’ aroma, very strong and pungent. It’s a signature scent that might remind you of Afghan hash mixed with forest fruits. Every time you open your jar this overwhelming scent hits you.

After a good cure period of about 1-3 months, this scent becomes even more complex and profound. The taste of Blue Auto Mazar is really fantastic. It is a rich taste with an earthy character that resembles hash. This is accompanied by sweet fruity notes and a more sour, spicy haze-like taste. It is a delicious variety to smoke neat!

Blue Auto Mazar is an easy plant to grow, very stable and robust. It is a reliable high yielding autoflower

Blue Auto Mazar is an easy plant to grow. Growing these ladies does not require any special feeding or growth techniques. These hybrid autoflower seeds grow quickly in a wide variety of conditions and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. The ‘hybrid-vigor’ of Blue Auto Mazar ensures stable and robust autoflower plants with a large yield of the highest quality. These traits make them excellent cannabis seeds for the novice grower looking for a reliable strain to fill their headstash with.