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Why should I buy Auto Xtreme feminised seeds?

  • Auto Xtreme is an XL Haze autoflower with a very high yield and high potency. This is a powerful autoflower that will certainly not disappoint true Haze aficionados
  • She is a fast growing Sativa dominant auto with the classic Dutch Passion autoflower structure, a nice main bloom surrounded by many large side blooms
  • Auto Xtreme has a pungent terpene profile and a high THC percentage. The ‘frosty’ buds are quite long and compact, she has a strong head high that lasts for a long time
  • This is an auto that is easy to grow with an average time from autoflowering cannabis seed to harvest of 11 to 12 weeks

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Auto Xtreme has a pungent terpene profile with a classic Haze scent, this aroma is accompanied by fruity and spicy notes. The taste is also haze-like with floral and fruity citrus notes

Auto Xtreme is an autoflower strain with a strong Haze aroma and taste. The smell is very similar to the aroma of traditional Haze varieties such as Silver Haze, Mexican Haze and Super Silver Haze. It is a spicy fragrance with notes of lime and menthol. The aroma is very powerful and penetrating. Even without a cure period, this strain smells and tastes fantastic.

During flowering, the classic Haze aroma also dominates with fruity notes of citrus, spicy mint and a floral skunk. The taste of this strain ranges from Haze-dominant to a more subtle herbal Skunk, in general the sour citrus citrus notes are palpable across all types of phenotypes.

When grown clean and cured properly, it is a very pleasant and smooth smoking experience. The cannabis buds of this strain have a spicy and pungent smell when smoked. This should be taken into account if you don’t want nearby people to know you are smoking weed! Highly potent, it is the ideal autoflowering plant for Haze enthusiasts.

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