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Why should I buy Auto Power Plant feminised seeds?

• Auto Power Plant is a large autoflower with a very heavy yield and high potency, a new autoflower based on one of the legendary ‘old-school’ cannabis varieties

• It is a vigorous Sativa-dominant autoflower strain with strong branches and heavy flowers. The buds are very sticky and have a high THC content

• Auto Power Plant has a complex and layered terpene profile. The aroma is mainly earthy, spicy and floral. The taste is earthy, sweet and with a spicy pine-like flavor in the background

• If you are a lover of classic Sativas with a big yield and a pleasant and energetic up-high, this autoflower is exactly what you are looking for!

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Auto Power Plant has an earthy, spicy and floral terpene profile. This aroma is accompanied by sweet and fruity notes. The taste is mainly earthy, sweet and spicy.

Auto Power Plant has a pungent aroma with largely earthy, spicy and floral notes. This scent is accompanied by more subtle sweet and fruity terpenes that give the buds a very interesting profile. Many smokers also recognise the smell of vanilla and lilac. Overall, a complex and layered terpene profile.

But very recognisable and ‘old-school’, as you may remember from the original photoperiod Power Plant. Auto Power Plant is very soft to smoke. It is a nice type of weed to roll a thick joint with.

The taste is also mainly earthy and sweet with a spicy, pine-like background taste. She gets frosty flowers that are completely covered with trichomes. These are sticky buds that you have to allow to dry well in order to shred them properly with your grinder!

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