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Why should I buy Auto Orange Bud feminised seeds?

  • Auto Orange Bud has a very pungent citrus aroma and a real orange flavour.
  • This Sativa-dominant autoflower has a bushy plant structure with a large, sturdy main bloom which is accompanied by many large side blooms.
  • Auto Orange Bud grows from seed to harvest in an average of 11 weeks and has THC rich buds with a dense sticky layer of trichomes.
  • This strain is known for its unique fruity terpene profile and pleasant high. It is a powerful and potent high that will delight even the most experienced smokers with a euphoric and relaxing effect.

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Auto Orange Bud has a very strong pungent citrus dominant terpene profile that smells like orange and mandarin

Auto Orange Bud is a powerful autoflower with a unique and very fruity terpene profile. Careful crossing over several generations has preserved the original character of our photoperiod Orange Bud variety. You can expect an unmistakable and pungent citrus dominant aroma from this strain. Orange, tangerine and lemon are the most common and recognisable scents when growing Auto Orange Bud.

Many customers indicate that this variety can be very fruity, fresh and sweet at the same time. Slightly tart, pungent and very sticky at all times. In short, a delicious combination for the real cannabis connoisseur. After drying and curing the plant smells exactly the same as during the flowering phase. It also tastes exactly like citrus fruit, a beautiful Sativa-dominant auto to enjoy!

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