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Why should I buy Auto Night Queen feminised cannabis seeds?

  • Auto Night Queen is a potent Indica-dominant autoflower with a quick flowering time of just 10 weeks.
  • This autoflower is easy to grow and does not require any special growing techniques or feeding schedules to achieve a great end result.
  • Auto Night Queen is a THC-rich autoflower with a thick, sticky resin coating, ideal for making hash, oil or other cannabis concentrates.
  • Her compact buds are really hard and have a pungent earthy hash aroma sometimes with sweet, fruity notes and a powerful numbing effect.
  • Auto Night Queen won 1st prize at the Highlife Cup 2016 in the autoflower category.

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Auto Night Queen has an earthy Kush aroma with pine-like and sometimes fruity sweet notes

Auto Night Queen has a typical classic ‘Afghani-Kush’ aroma, very powerful and pungent. She has a rich, thick and strong smell of hash when smoked. The thick trichome coating of this autoflowering strain is just as good as that from the photoperiod Night Queen variety.

The aroma is best described as earthy mixed with notes of pine, incense and fruit. The Afghan heritage from the Mazar-i-Sharif Mountains makes for a compact plant with very hard white buds.

There are also phenotypes that are a bit sweeter and fruity with a light earthy background. These phenotypes are also incredibly powerful and give a heavy effect when smoked in a joint, a characteristic that suits cannabis strains from this region.

The buds get quite thick and dense, some are really “rock-hard” after drying and will bounce off the table if you drop them. In short, a classic Dutch Passion Indica dominant auto to love!

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