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Why should I buy Auto Lemon Kix feminized autoflower seeds?

  • Auto Lemon Kix is a super fruity, extremely sweet autoflower
  • She is easy to grow and therefore does not require any special attention
  • With her two special parents, she provides a very potent THC-rich high
  • She is able to produce the highest quality XXL yields and grows from seed to harvest in approximately 12 weeks

Auto Lemon Kix has a super fruity, sweet taste

Auto Lemon Kix has one of the most complex and fruity flavour profiles in our autoflower seed collection. You can smell a certain sweet, fruity fragrance reminiscent of a well-known USA brand of small, colourful candies. Expect a rich attractive fruity/skunky scent, a citrus-like taste and a very powerful, long-lasting euphoric high.

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Auto Lemon Kix is known for its fruity aroma and very potent THC-rich high

Auto Lemon Kix is the strain of choice if you are looking for the fruitiest aroma in an autoflower with a high THC content. These sativa dominant autoflower seeds provide a complex fragrance and taste that is simply hard to match. The buds are bursting with terpenes – the compounds which produce the deep aroma and tasty flavors in cannabis. They are also loaded with THC-rich trichomes.

It is a very potent autoflower that produces beautiful light green, white buds with a thick sticky layer of resin that smells and tastes incredibly fruity. It can best be described as a sweet mix of tropical fruit and lemon, very penetrating and tasty!

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