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Why should I buy Auto Critical Orange Punch feminised seeds?

• If you are looking for an easy autoflower with a high yield then this is the right choice

• Auto Critical Orange Punch is a commercial autoflower, the high yield combined with her THC rich buds make her very popular in the autoflower community

• This strain has a very fruity terpene profile with mostly sweet and sour notes of orange, lemon and hash

• Auto Critical Orange Punch grows and flowers from seed to harvest in 10-11 weeks and is suitable for any type of grower and growing method

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Auto Critical Orange Punch has a citrus dominant terpene profile with earthy notes of orange and hash

Auto Critical Orange Punch is just like her photoperiod parent, a very tasty cannabis variety! Her genetic background provides a citrus-dominant aroma and flavor profile. Most phenotypes smell very fruity and sweet. Citrus, orange, and sweet tangerines are the most recognisable aromas and flavors of this THC-rich autoflower. Some plants may also have earthy and piney tones, but these are usually less dominant. During inhalation she tastes mainly of citrus fruit, orange and lemon. In addition, many people experience a more earthy hash taste, which makes the overall smoking experience quite unique.

Auto Critical Orange Punch is suitable for beginners and provides high yields

Auto Critical Orange Punch is an autoflower with a solid XXL yield. Even for the novice grower it is possible to achieve very high yields with this autoflower. She does not require any special growing techniques or feeding schedules. In the right conditions, she can grow into a hefty autoflower with a nice thick main bloom and many heavy side blooms. She is known for her full blooms which can grow as thick as an arm, with few leaves. Very easy to trim and the thick resin layer ensures excellent scissor hash.

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