Auto Cinderella Jack®


Why should I buy Auto Cinderella Jack autoflower cannabis seeds?

  • An autoflower with a sky-high THC percentage, even stronger than most photoperiod plants.
  • She has a very impressive flavor profile and a strong high.
  • A beautiful prize-winning autoflower with a high yield.
  • Easy to grow and ready for harvest in 10 to 11 weeks.

Auto Cinderella Jack, a cup winner of the highest quality



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The flowers of Auto Cinderella Jack are compact and full of trichomes

Auto Cinderella Jack produces compact plants and buds. They are medium sized plants which in some cases grow in a beautiful Christmas tree structure. These plants are filled from head to toe with beautiful dense flowers that glisten from the crystals. Due to the compactness, the buds are also easy and quick to cut and trim.


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