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Why should I buy Auto Blackberry Kush feminized autoflower cannabis seeds?

  • Auto Blackberry Kush is a beautiful dark-coloured, purple resinous kush plant.
  • This is a high-quality Indica with a complex, fruity, earthy/piney kush aroma and taste.
  • She grows very vigorously with a large main bud and many strong side branches that are typical of an Indica dominant autoflower.
  • She is able to achieve a high yield in just 10 weeks from seed to harvest.


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Auto Blackberry Kush is one of those autoflower strains that many growers fall in love with. The beautiful bright purple buds look so special that it is hard not to love them!
It is a compact indica-dominant plant that usually produces plants with purple buds. She belongs to the ‘Blue-Family’ because of her parents and the special fruity Blueberry aroma. These Blueberry genes provide the sweet and fruity notes in the complex aroma. The Hash plant provides the dominant Kush fragrance with earth and pine-like notes in this crossing.
To give this strain the extra push that they need to become darker or purple, we recommend letting the night temperature drop sharply.This imitates an outdoor climate and helps accentuate the purple colours. This hash plant reacts more to cold temperatures than most varieties. As a result, she produces different pigments. This allows the leaves and blooms to darken, often bright purple. But the colours can also vary from very dark to almost black.
Auto Blackberry Kush is one of our bestsellers and a long-time customer favourite. She is an Indica-dominant autoflower strain created by crossing Dutch Passion’s original Blueberry and a dark coloured, very potent Hash plant.
This strain is known for the excellent quality buds which it is able to produce in a very short period of time.
From seed to harvest takes about 10 weeks.
There are even phenotypes that are ready in 9 weeks, but these are grown indoors in a stable climate with 20 hours of light per day.

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