Welcome to the Jon Dabs Auto Cannabis Cup, the first of its kind!

In collaboration with Dutch Passion, The Green side, The Grow Den, and Cannabis Club South Africa.

This competition celebrates the art and science of growing high-quality Dutch Passion Auto strains. Here are the details on how to enter:

Terms and conditions

  • To ENTER the Jon Dabs Dutch Passion Auto Cup competition, go purchase a pack of Dutch Passion Auto 3 seed packs online from the Jon Dabs website www.jondabs.com or from any of the Grow Den stores (Western Cape) or any of The Greenside’s stores (Gauteng/PTA) using the promo code “Auto Cup 23”.
  • After making the purchase, email Jon@jondabs.com to receive your competitor number.
  • Only Dutch Passion Auto strains are eligible for the Auto Cup competition.
  • Competitors will be judged based on their technique, visual appeal, and aesthetics, and size will be assessed according to the categories of XL/XXL strains. 
  • The judging will take place online via posts on the Jon Dabs Page. (Go follow on Facebook)
  • Each contestant must post a minimum of two updates per month on the Jon Dabs Facebook page for the contest’s duration, which is approximately 14 weeks.
  • The ten finalists will be evaluated on a two-tiered system, where a 25% quantitative score will be allocated to Lab Results for potency testing, sponsored by The Best Grow, to determine the top three finalists.
  • The competition (germination period) starts on 10th April 2023, and all entries must be posted on the Jon Dabs Facebook page.
  • You can enter as many plants/strains as you want.
  • There are no limitations on pot sizes.
  • Both Indoor or Outdoor grows will be accepted.
  • If required, extra time will be allocated to accommodate late flowering.
  • The panel of judges will make the final decision after all grow entries have been submitted.

wE'RE excited to announce the sponsors and guest judges for the Jon Dabs Auto Cannabis Cup:


  • Dutch Passion
  • Jon Dabs
  • Dynomyco
  • Hydroponic S.A
  • Bud Juice
  • Photronic Growlights
  • The Best Grow

Guest Judges:

  • Mahmoud (Head Geneticist Dutch Passion Amsterdam)
  • Denver Barnard (Cannabis Club SA/The Grow Den)
  • Myron (The Greenside)
  • Jeremy Acton (The Dagga Party)
  • Jon Dabs 

The prizes for this competition are sure to impress.

1st PRIZE R 30 000.00 worth of grow gear 

  • Go Pro Tent 120 x 120 x 200cm (Sponsored by Hydroponic SA)
  • Go Pro oscillating fan (Sponsored by Hydroponic SA)
  • Go Pro Net 120cm (Sponsored by Hydroponic SA)
  • Go Pro straight and curved cutters (Sponsored by Hydroponic SA)
  • Bio Bizz starter pack (Sponsored by Hydroponic SA)
  • Photronic LED grow light with automated system valued at 17k (Sponsored by Photronic)
  • 3 X 10 seed packs Dutch Passion Autos (Sponsored by Dutch Passion)
  • Dynamyco kit. (Sponsored by NuclearRoots)

2nd PRIZE R 7 000.00

  • 2 X 10 seed packs Dutch Passion Autos (Sponsored by Dutch Passion)
  • Bud Juice and Jamaican Me Grow Hamper (Sponsored by Bud Juice)
  • Dynamyco kit. (Sponsored by NuclearRoots)

3rd PRIZE R 3 000.00

  • 1 X 10 seed pack Dutch Passion Autos (Sponsored by Dutch Passion)
  • Dynamyco kit. (Sponsored by NuclearRoots)

Cannabis cup competition entry form