Welcome to the Jon Dabs Auto Cup Jan 2024 - Terpene Safari Edition

This terpene safari has three Safari’s you can choose from. There is also a R 150.00 entry fee. This will enter you into the Auto cup and you will recieve a Jon dabs goodie pack with a few sponsored samples in to boost your Auto cup plants. 

Terms and conditions


  • To ENTER the Jon Dabs Dutch Passion Auto Cup competition, purchase one or more Terpene Safari options and a ticket containing your personal competitor number.
  • Only Dutch Passion Auto strains are eligible for the Auto Cup competition.
  • Both Indoor and Outdoor/Greenhouse entries or a combination of both are permitted.
  • Growers will be judged online through several social media platforms, to be advised.  ( Minimum of 3 posts per month required to stay in the competition.)
  • Competitors will be judged based on their technique, visual appeal, and aesthetics. Size will be assessed according to the categories of XL/XXL strains recommended yield specs.
  • Top 5 finalists in both catagories wil be judged on a two tiered system with 25% of total score being allocated to terpene profile/taste, potency and smokability.
  • Top 5 finalists in both catagories will be chosen by Dutch Passion Amsterdam and scored out of 75. The winners will be announced after our panel of female expert judges have sampled and scored the finalists out of 25.
  • A maximum allocated time of 15 weeks is allowed for the indoor catagory. Outdoor and Greenhouse time as per usual recommended timeframe.
  • The competition (germination period) starts from the 6th of Janruary and cutoff date is the 15th Janruary, all entries must be posted on the Facebook PVT Group ‘ Casually Serious and the SACHS Group by then.
  • You can enter as many plants/strains as you want.
  • There are no limitations on pot sizes.
  • Both Indoor or Outdoor grows will be accepted.
  • The panel of judges will make the final decision after all grow entries have been submitted.

wE'RE excited to announce the sponsors and guest judges for the Jon Dabs Auto Cannabis Cup:


  • Dutch Passion
  • Jon Dabs
  • Dynomyco (Nuclear Roots)
  • Hydroponic S.A
  • Bud Juice
  • Photronic Growlights
  • CannaGroWorx
  • Gardenroots Lighting
  • Dank Pack
  • Gizeh
  • Jays Edibles
  • Futurama
  • Rock and Rolled
  • Stodels
  • Growing Stag and more….

Guest Judges:

  • Mahmoud (Head Geneticist Dutch Passion Amsterdam)

The prizes for this competition are sure to impress !!! Stay tuned...

Cannabis cup competition entry form